Sunday, April 12, 2009

Christmas with the Crawfords by Mark Sargent and Richard Winchester

Christmas With the Crawfords takes place on Christmas Eve, 1944. Joan has recently been fired by MGM and is looking forward to the live radio broadcast from her Brentwood mansion - to be hosted by her friend, Hedda Hopper - as a way of keeping herself in the public eye while she vies for a role in a film-noir piece entitled Mildred Pierce, reluctantly offered to her by Warner Bros. Suffice it to say the broadcast does not go well. Joan is plagued by problems, including the never-ending arrival of uninvited holiday guests who take over the spotlight to sing their favorite holiday song.

Where else can you see the likes of Bette Davis, Judy Garland, Gloria Swanson, Hattie McDaniel, Carmen Miranda and Ethel Merman all in one room, singing their hearts out without a care in the world? The appeal of Christmas with the Crawfords is broad. Young, old, gay, straight, suburban and city dwellers alike show up for a Christmas with Joan and the children that they will never forget.

The cast featured:
  • Cammie West
  • Dan Kuras
  • Donnie Jay
  • Jason George
  • El Tahra Ibrahim
  • Heze Falkins
  • Paul Patton
  • Rikki Gee
  • Steve Patrick, and
  • Timm Holt
Timm Holt also served as director.

(Archival Information)

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