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THRILL ME: The Leopold & Loeb Story by Stephen Dolginoff

THRILL ME: THE LEOPOLD AND LOEB STORY, by Stephen Dolginoff, is a musical drama that recounts the chilling true story of the legendary Chicago teenagers who committed one of the most famous and heinous crimes of the twentieth century. Focusing on their obsessive relationship, THRILL ME recounts the series of events in 1924 Chicago that earned the two boys the distinction of being America's first "thrill killers."

Nathan Leopold was passionate about Richard Loeb, who was passionate about crime and excitement. Richard managed to convince Nathan that together they embodied Nietzsche"s idea of the "Superman" and were above society and its laws. Together they devised a plan to lure a young boy to his death to prove they could commit the perfect murder. But too soon their perfect crime unraveled.

Thrill Me featured Eric Michael Liddick as Nathan Leopold and Joshua Peterson as Richard Loeb. Glenn Meche designed and directed the production, and Jim Walpole served as Musical Director.

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The Final Word: A letter from Stephen Dolginoff, December 17, 2008:
Hi Glenn,

I wanted to let you know I have watched the video of your production of THRILL ME and I thought it was excellent.

It is amazing what you were able to create in such a small space.

Some of the things I always brace myself for, such as the music being played too fast, were wonderfully not there! I would say the tempos were spot on perfect!

The actors created very clear and distinct characters (you would be surprised what I have seen in the past!), and I think they both did a great job and had nice chemistry.

There have been small and large productions of THRILL ME over the past five years, and as far as the smaller "black-box" versions go, I would say yours ranks as one of the VERY BEST.

As a writer, it was gratifying to see my intentions clearly up there on your stage (again, you would be SHOCKED at some of the versions I have seen that were less than one would like them to be!)

Thank you again for your belief in THRILL ME - my, god - even through a HURRICANE!
I hope the theatre gods bring us all together again someday.

Best regards,

(Archival Information)

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