Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What the Critics Had to Say about The Most Fabulous Story ...

Actor and director, Todd Blauvelt, directed the wonderfully wacky, manic, yet moving work with a sense of "Keystone Cops on the loose" energy in the first act and a more sensitive attitude in the second act...

Karen Shields played the Stage Manager. Ms. Shields performed her role with a tough tongue-in-cheek smile on her face and the certitude of a benign Lesbian Avenger. Her's was a screamingly funny interpretation of what I've always thought God really is, a Goddess Stage Manager of the Cosmos, and a tough lesbian with a miraculous sense of humor.

Jason George was Steve, the other man in the Garden of den. This new young actor is a handsome young man with a lot of talent, some if which he could hardly hide behind his jockstrap. I expect to see this young actor in many more roles. He did an inspired job with this one.

Tony Fennelly was Miriam, Mom # 1, and Rabbi Sharon. Ms. Fennelly, aka as The Dame Judi Dench of local stages, gave a vivid and hilarious performance in her three roles. Especially memorable was her part as the wheelchair confined lesbian Rabbi Sharon as she stole the entire stage from the rest of the cast with her over the top, delicious to watch interpretation. Ms. Fennelly is a volcanic talent just waiting for the right role in which she will astound the community with her explosion of yet to be released abilities.

Bridget Erin was Cheryl Mendel, Babe, and Mom # 2. Ms. Erin is a big talent and shines in her roles in this production, especially as the Mormon girl with a die hard belief in Angels.

Cammie West was Jane. This young lady is a talent that I think can play any role. She's always a delight to see and did a great job in this show. She was quite a sensation as a dyke in labor in this show's second act.

Jamie Temple was Trey Promfet and Dad #2. Mr. Temple is a very seasoned actor from whom we can always expect a great performance. He did not fail in this show and he also got to say the best and wittiest one-liners during the Christmas party that was the second act.

We are...very lucky to have these guys in our town. I expect to see many fine productions from their new theatrical production company.

- Patrick Shannon, Ambush Magazine

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